Bella Flip Crossbody Handbag

Bella Flip Crossbody Handbag
Can you get a hotter bag right now than the crossbody style bags? Yes you can you can get a Lily Bloom Bella Flip Crossbody Handbag. What makes the Lily Bloom Bella Flip Crossbody Handbag the hottest bag this season? It may be the Lily Bloom name or it may be that this is an eco conscious choice that is simply phenomenal.

All Lily Bloom handbags and accessories are made from recycled plastic bottles! Any eco conscious lady will love the fact that they are wearing something that is not only at the height of style but that it is also earth friendly as well!

What Is It?

The Lily Bloom Bella Flip Crossbody Handbag is a vibrantly colorful crossbody bag that has adjustable straps so that it comfortably fits anyone. It has a fully lined interior. A front pocket, two back pockets and a zippered inner pocket.

It is simply a great bag that will get noticed.

The Colors

Lily Bloom products are colorful! This bag is a compilation of blues, yellows, orange, brown and silver tone details. The straps are brown as is the trim. The body of the bag is a pattern of surprising colors like teal and yellow and orange. It is a lovely surprise of colors that really work well together.

Good For the Planet

Everyone agrees that being kind to our planet is key to the planets success however taking the steps to insure that were are doing the right thing for the planet without having to sacrifice can be easier said than done.

Lily Bloom has made it easy to take the right steps in fashion by offering products that are made with recycled materials that are not only good for the planet but that you feel really great about using. This fashion forward bag is a prime example of not having to sacrifice style to be conscious of the environment.

You can make a fashion choice that can help the planet while you look great. It is a great way to take a stand for the planet.

Built To Last

This is a winning bag because it not only looks great, helps the planet but it also is well constructed. It is simply a winning piece that should be a part of any woman’s closet! It is a great option for any casual outfit and will fit in nicely in day to day wear! Purchase the Bella Flip Crossbody at Amazon: Click here