Triple Section Satchel Handbag Review 2014

Wavy Triple Section Satchel Handbag Triple Section Satchel Handbag Review 2014

Add Some Fun and Functionality to Your Style With a Lily Bloom Triple Section Satchel Handbag

The name Lily Bloom is synonymous with fun fashion, as these accessories are typically brightly colored and available in a wide variety of fun patterns and styles. When you’re ready to take your style from drab to fab, check out the Lily Bloom triple section satchel handbag. It’s a perfect choice for any time of the year and one that goes with casual jeans, dressy sweaters, and anything else in your wardrobe.

The Lily Bloom triple section satchel handbag offers lots of functionality in the piece. It has three separate sections for storing everything you need while keeping yourself organized. You can keep your makeup away from your bills and have your wallet always at your fingertips when you take advantage of its three compartments.

Inside, you’ll find one wall pocket and two separate cell phone pockets! This can keep your cell phone handy while also keeping it protected. It too can stay away from your makeup, hand cream, hairbrush, and anything else that might damage its exterior or scratch the face.

The double handles of the handbag are also a good touch as these help to keep the bag from being too heavy on one shoulder; a second handle disperses weight and takes some pressure off the other handle. You’re less likely to see handles tear and rip when there’s two, so this makes the bag a great choice for those who insist on having a piece that will last for years!

Your handbag is a great way to add splashes of fun color to a wardrobe and the Lily Bloom triple section satchel handbag is no exception. In the company’s trademark style of brightly colored lilies and other flowers, this piece can be the perfect choice for wintertime when you want to add a bit of color to your dark clothes, and is also perfect for summertime when flowers are in bloom.

The many colors of the bag also make it a great choice because it can work well with muted, floral tones or with darker colors as well. You don’t ever need to put this bag away for the season as it’s sure to be your first choice year-round. Check out the latest line of handbags from Lily Bloom and you’re sure to agree that this one is the perfect choice for you!